The not so secret 90s cinema fashion

The not so secret 90s cinema fashion

Fashion and Film has always gone hand in hand, whether it’s a designer taking inspiration from a movie’s wardrobe or a leading actor sporting the latest trend. The ‘90s as an era is well-known for its wealth of fashion trends. Just hearing the words 90s hip-hop triggers a list of reference points and essentials, even then it can be difficult to describe them into words. 

Taking you on a trip down memory lane, here are our top picks that have inspired us and had the most impact in the fashion world.

JUICE (1992)

This is a movie with some of the most influential style of the decade, from Tupac wearing his denim jacket, hoodie and lace up boots combo setting the template for hip-hop and street fashion for years to come.


White Men Can’t Jump not only provides a great look into the street ball culture of the West Coast, but also had every single character and even the random bystanders and extras rock dope gear that are emblematic of their time and place. 


Janet Jackson was a full-fledged music legend by the time the ’90s rolled around, but in 1993, she made her big screen debut as Justice, while her style was mostly laid-back, oversized jerseys, and high-waisted jeans, her box braids, and combat boots perfectly epitomized the time, especially with her signature newsboy cap and watch over her shirt sleeve, making her an unsung style icon of ’90s cinema.

LEON (1994)

 It is a great flashback to the 90’s style and mannerisms that has been referenced so much in fashion. Magali Guidasci, Costume Designer for Léon: The Professional, carefully selected and creating something twenty years ago that still influences our imagination. 


Serving us 90s grunge style, think bleach blond hair, polo neck sweaters, checked shirts around the waist and faded denim. Ewan McGregor outfits popularized the ‘heroin chic’ fashion trend that was rife throughout the 90s.


Fashion vision and costumes designed by none other than Jean Paul Gaultier, it’s no surprise that Luc Besson’s madcap movie is the most stylish sci-fi of the 90s. Mix in a delightfully bizarre future-set mythology and a myriad of beautiful worlds full of creatures and aliens brought to life through practical design, and you have an action-packed, space-tripping epic that pleased domestic and international audiences alike.