Born in Canada. Raised in Japan.

Established in 2011, Nine.™ was founded in Vancouver, Canada. The idea was to create a line that can last through generations of change and evolution. Our design inspiration is an homage to the golden era of our everlasting childhood memories.
Over the years the line has found it’s opportunity in Japan and we have decided to shift our efforts and bring our vision across the ocean.

Made in Canada

Our headwear is made in Canada. A heritage factory that survived years of change and evolution. We are proud to support Canadian made garments and keep the legacy going.

Made in Japan

All of the garments are handcrafted in a factory located in Tokyo, Japan. After picking our yard, weight and gage we were able to create a unique and durable fabric inspired by our Canadian roots. There are only 3 factories in Japan that can weave this level of cottons and knits.